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Winds of Change Exhibition

26 April 2023

An Exhibition that takes us through the genesis of "Datsi School for storytellers"

Today marks a new first for Datsi! We organized our first exhibition at the campus - Winds of Change, The event was coordinated in collaboration with the ASAP team, as a part of their inauguration of the space. 

The Winds of Change exhibition is an exposition of the creation of Datsi School for Storytellers and its vision to become a creative hub with a unique, collaborative, and trans-disciplinary approach to learning the digital arts. It dwells on the changing landscape of the animation industry, and how Datsi proposes to be a change agent in shaping the future of storytelling.

The exhibit was attended by R Bindu, Minister for Higher Education and Kadakampally Surendran, MLA of Kazhakkoottam. Michael Joseph(Director, Datsi), and Viren Patil (Founder Director, Zebu Animation Studios), walked the dignitaries through the exhibit, providing them with unique insight on what the AVGC industry needs to evolve in the next decade. The motivation behind ASAP's collaboration with Zebu was also discussed, emphasising the state’s need to expand and venture into the emerging creative Industries.

We plan to reopen the exhibit next month for the general public,  and host a series of webinars, masterclasses, and workshops this year, establishing Datsi as a centre of artistic activity in the region. Sign up to be a part of our journey and get notified about our next event.  

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