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Digital Art by Sourav Rajamohan
Inspired by Frida Kahlo

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Join us for a collaborative event by Datsi School for Storytellers and Huion India, where we explore the dynamic synergy between art and technology, showcasing their profound impacts on the creative industries  and beyond.

This event is now over.

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Artists on the Scene:

Anil Kumar S.R.

Studio Art Director - Toonz Animation Studios

Anil G Nair

Vice President 3D Production - Toonz Media Group

Mahesh Nambiar

Art Director, Concept Artist, Caricaturist, Illustrator

Sankar Ganesh
Senior Concept Artist - Zebu Animation Studios

Shine Bose

Animation Director - Prayan Animation Studios


Srinivasan CC

CG Supervisor - Zebu Animation Studios

Vichar BN

Art Director - Technicolor Games

Vinayan Prayan

Ceo & Founder - Prayan Animation Studios


9.00 AM                 Exhibit Opens


11.00 - 13.00       Art Contest

13.30 - 15.30      Product Launch

     Live Demo


15.30 - 16.30      Panel Discussion


16.30 - 16.45     Prize Distribution

    Exhibit Closes

16.45 - 17.00      Closing Speech

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