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It started thousands and thousands of years ago
on a mysterious moonlit night,
when one among a tribe huddled around the fire
began to tell a story.

Today, storytelling has evolved in unbelievable ways.
We tell new stories with different
art forms and technologies,
entering fictional worlds to shed light
and understand our lived reality.


We educate  aspiring artists and professionals through an immersive and experiential curriculum, cultivating a learning environment where practitioners push their formal boundaries, contextualise their work in response to their contemporary reality and develop a distinct humane voice.

We are committed to creating a trans-disciplinary community of lifelong learners who break our conditioned binaries of industry and academy, commercial and art, fiction and non-fiction.

What is

Datsi School for Storytellers


Datsi School for Storytellers is a collaboration between
Zebu Animation Studios and ASAP Kerala.


Zebu Animation is a production house of cutting-edge technology and creative talent from across the world. We produce content that makes audiences think, laugh, and tugs on their heartstrings.


ASAP Kerala is an undertaking by the Higher Education Department of the Kerala Government that focuses on training students to improve their employability and create holistic and future-proof growth opportunities for all.

Officially Registered as Datsi Foundation , We are a not for profit initiative.

For students and professionals

We are a growing community of teachers and students, professionals and amateurs, young and old, famous and obscure, all coming together to learn from one another. We share knowledge and resources, and work together to further the art of storytelling.

For Animation studios
and Creative organizations

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