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Datsi School for Storytellers believe its incredibly important for students to develop their unique voices and stories in response to their environment and lived experiences, which is why the school will focus on holistic learning, opportunities to explore the city and interact with the community around them.


discovering the unknown

  • Exploring  perspectives- speakers and exhibits from all over the world

  • Experimenting and learning with state of the art and technology

  • A trans-disciplinary approach, investigating intersections

  • Expeditions around the city, pushing the classroom boundaries

  • Knowledge center & library


searching for cinematic expression

  • Lessons in production and the business of film making

  • Creating new methods and tools for the industry

  • Studio of professionals working on international and IP projects

  • Aspiring film makers get access to different resources and funding


reconnecting to the grassroots

  • Exhibits celebrating local artists

  • An Art Hub for the local community

  • A public co-working and learning space

  • Networking opportunities for collaboration and recruitment

For students and professionals

We are a growing community of teachers and students, professionals and amateurs, young and old, famous and obscure, all coming together to learn from one another. We share knowledge and resources, and work together to further the art of storytelling.

For Animation studios
and Creative organizations

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