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Y Datsi

We are a creative learning hub exploring various digital art forms from Animation, VFX, Gaming and Comics to immersive storytelling and filmmaking.

The newly launched school, in its first year, hopes to ground itself by offering various short term courses to address gaps within the existing animation industry.

Subsequently, it hopes to expand its offering to include various types of programs across a variety of storytelling mediums.

During this first year, Datsi is offering three niche courses at our new state of the art facility at the KINFRA Film and Video Park at Trivandrum.

All the three courses are focussed towards specific job roles - 3D Character Animator, Lighting Artist and Animation Directors/ Leads/ Supervisors

Setting the Context

This video outlines the basis upon which Datsi's upskiling courses are built.  We invite the viewers to question their notion of 'knowing', and stress on the need for being lifelong learners, given how media technology and aesthetics keep evolving.

Course Offerings

A brief introduction to the three upskilling courses launching this year: 3D Character Animation, Unreal for Lighting Artists, and Creative Leadership for Animators.

Industry in the Classroom

A unique experiment rooted in a work-based learning model, where a full fledged animation studio will co-exist within the campus, changing the very nature of learning.  Learners will have exclusive access to professionals, and a substantial part of their learning would be based on real-world projects. This is one of the unique benefits a learner will experience at Datsi.

Industry Connect

Datsi is creating a network of studios across India, who will endorse these short term courses. Studios would either recruit possible candidates and send them to Datsi for the onboarding process or on the other hand recruit candidates from a pool of Datsi graduates, who meet the studios requirements. Either way the students career gets fast tracked.

Life in Thiruvananthapuram

Datsi's wellness and support team will guide and assist learners from outside Thiruvananthapuram to settle down and acclimatize themselves for their 3 month or 2 week learning experience. As for entertainment, beaches, hills, good food - there is a healthy variety. Being the cultural hub of Kerala, the city is bustling with activities.

For students and professionals

We are a growing community of teachers and students, professionals and amateurs, young and old, famous and obscure, all coming together to learn from one another. We share knowledge and resources, and work together to further the art of storytelling.

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