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How to Apply

Our application process is completely free and online.

Before you apply, please read the details mentioned below carefully.

In summary, your journey as a candidate will include (i) An Application form (ii) An online admission test (iii) A portfolio review and online interview (for shortlisted candidates).

1. Before starting the online application, ensure you have the following ready to upload:

2. Click on the "Apply Now" button below, you will be directed to the application form.

3. Fill in the application form, upload the required files and click "Submit."

4. Our admissions team will then contact you with details of the online admission test (process, date, & areas of testing)

5. Once you complete your admission test, within a few days you'll be notified if you've been shortlisted for the second stage: online portfolio review and interview.

7. After the interview, the admissions team will inform you of the results. If you're selected, you'll be asked to confirm your enrollment and pay the course fees.

8. Once your fees is received, you will be issued an admission letter.

Throughout the process, our admissions team will be there to guide you. Please contact us if you have any questions about our application process.

Contact us or Request Callback for more information about our courses.

Do you have any issues or queries regarding your application?

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What to write in your

Personal Statement

Your personal statement is an opportunity for you to showcase your unique experiences, skills, and qualities that make you a good fit for Datsi. A well-written personal statement can make a positive impression and increase the chances of being accepted. Here's a brief guide for you to follow.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Your personal statement should be between 400 - 600 words.

  • Please write your name on the top right of the page.

  • Upload your document as a .PDF to the application form.

  • Maximum file size is 5mb


Start with a catchy opening sentence and provide a brief background about yourself and your motivations to join this course. 


Academic background and Professional experience:

Talk about your academic background and your learning experience, including skills and relevant courses that were the milestones in your learning journey. Discuss any professional experience you may have, such as internships, freelance work, or personal projects.


Personal goals, Motivation and Inspiration:

Share personal experiences that have influenced your decision to pursue art and animation. Talk about your personal growth and challenges you’ve overcome, and cultural experiences and circumstances that shape you. Discuss your sources of inspiration and the artists or animators who have influenced your work.

Career goals:

Tell us about your long-term career goals in the animation industry. This could include specific roles or positions you aspire to, or a broader vision for your career path. 



End with a strong closing statement that emphasizes your commitment to the field and your eagerness to learn and grow as an artist.

What to add in your


Your portfolio is a compilation of documents that reveals your strengths as an artist and also communicates your professional practice to the admissions committee.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Please compile and upload all your works into an online drive (Google drive, DropBox, or Onedrive).

  • Make sure you set your portfolio drive access open to public.

  • Copy the link for your drive.

  • Paste it in the designated section in the application form.

  • Maximum size for each file is 1GB.

You are required to submit 4-5 pieces of work that demonstrate your CG (computer graphics) skills. In addition to this, you can also choose to include one or 2 pieces of work  that showcase your engagement with any other art form - painting, poetry, short story, meme, performance, sculpture, etc. 

  • Core aesthetic and technical skills

  • Visualisation and imagination

  • Application of your creative and technical skills into a scenario/ contextual framework.

  • Your passion and commitment to a particular field

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