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An Idea for Change

Creative Challenge


Do you have a compelling idea for a 30-second animated PSA on Waste Management? Submit your logline and synopsis. Your idea could be the one that gets animated!

Deadline : 9 November 2023

  • Mentorship: Secure a top-3 spot for a 1-month exclusive script and filmmaking mentorship at Datsi School with our school director, Michael Joseph (30+ years of experience). 

  • Campus Access: Dive into the KINFRA campus experience, attending expert-led workshops, and in-campus events.

  • Production Opportunity: At the end of the mentorship, there's a possibility an exceptional script may win Zebu Animation Studios' funding and support to produce the 30-second animated PSA.

    This challenge is open for applicants from any region. The mentorship for these winners will be available online.


Email your submissions to:

Format: All the details mentioned below should be compiled into
A single PDF or DOC file. Ensure that the file size is less than 10 MB.

File Naming: Name your file with your full name followed by "_PSAProposal" (e.g., "JohnDoe_PSAProposal.pdf").

Name and Phone Number: When you email your submission, please mention your Full Name and Phone Number, so that we may contact you in case you win the challenge.

Logline: Craft a compelling logline that captures the essence of your PSA. Your logline should be concise, approximately 35 words.


Synopsis: Elaborate on your logline with a detailed synopsis, up to 200 words. This should give a clear overview of your vision for the PSA.


Understanding of the Topic: In a separate section, describe your understanding of waste management and its impact on society, and your personal statement on the matter.  This should be approximately 300 words.


Visual Treatment: Your visual treatment should provide a clear  description of the visual style and aesthetic of how your story will be brought to life on screen.  Support your short 100 word written note with images, illustrations, or references from existing films, artworks, etc,

By submitting you are confirming you have read our rules and regulations, and are agreeing to them. You are also agreeing to receive Email and/or Whatsapp Messages for future events and updates about Datsi School for Storytellers

A PSA on Waste Management

Waste management is the collection, transportation, treatment, and disposal of waste materials. It's a crucial system that prevents harm to our environment and health, ensuring waste is treated and repurposed responsibly. As our planet grapples with increasing waste issues, understanding and practicing effective waste management is imperative. A well-crafted PSA serves as a beacon of awareness, educating and motivating audiences. Together, we can inspire communities to adopt sustainable practices, driving change towards a better world."

DALL·E 2023-10-30 09.33.30 - 2D cartoon animation in a flat style, drawing inspiration fro
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