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Unreal for Lighting Artists

This course is taught by a Certified Unreal Trainer

Full time (On-campus)


INR 26,600


16 Weeks

Admissions are now open

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About the Course

Learn the most exciting and challenging aspects of lighting in Unreal Engine. The course begins with an opportunity to experience the real world of lighting by going through theory and hands on studio practice with different lighting scenarios. You will then be introduced to Unreal Engine, and guided across different modules that would make you proficient with different aspects of the software in the realm of lighting design. And in a final assignment, you will be shown how to take your learning from the individual units and apply them into a cinematic form, adding dimension to your storytelling skills through lighting.

Learning Areas:

  • Key camera principles & lighting design in a real environment

  • Basic lighting concepts

  • Unreal Engine's interface and lighting pipeline

  • Advanced lighting techniques and concepts

  • Creating custom light functions and materials

  • Scene setup, asset & material creation in Unreal

  • PBR based workflow & Motion Capture production

  • Techniques in Unreal

Srinivasan CC

Course Lead

Srinivasan CC

CC is a CG powerhouse at Zebu, He’s worked in numerous international projects over the years, notably “Lego Minions”, “Wish Dragon”, “The Boss Baby”, and the hit series “Shimmer & Shine”. In the past 2 years, he has been at the forefront of Realtime animation and film-making, developing the Previsualization department at Zebu.
Specialties: Pipeline, Realtime film-making, Previsualization, Cinematography, Lighting, and Asset development.

Rahul Prabhu C has 4 years of combined experience in both industry and training. Having delivered AAA-quality 3D models, rigged characters, animations, and game environment designs, he has worked on numerous projects with studios such as Image Infotainment, Map Systems, ZICA, Zoi Digital Studios, NASCOM, Contiloe Pictures Pvt Ltd, etc. He is passionate about teaching and is dedicated to helping his students succeed, and has trained over 200 students in the CG industry.



Candidates who have studied Animation (or similar disciplines like VFX, Visual arts) with a working technical knowledge of any DCC Platform.


This course is certified by Zebu Animation Studios.

It is vetted by our industry peers and by our government partner ASAP Kerala.



Get recruited in the top studios in India and around the world:
Unreal Artist
Unreal Asset/Lighting Artist
Unreal Gaming Artist

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