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Zebu Animation partners up with ASAP Kerala

2 September 2022

ASAP Kerala executed an agreement with Zebu Animation Studios Pvt. Ltd

At the heart of KINFRA film and Video park, there is an art hub in the making. A venture by Zebu Animation Studios and ASAP Kerala. This campus is going to launch a school that teaches its students the various technologies evolving today int he AVGC sector, while giving them the creative and entrepreneural edge needed in today's content driven market.

ASAP Kerala executed an agreement with Zebu Animation Studios Pvt. Ltd. to appoint the latter as the operating partner of the Kazhakkoottam Community Skill Park, Thiruvananthapuram, on September 2, 2022. As part of the agreement, which was signed by Dr Usha Titus, Chairperson and Managing Director, ASAP Kerala, and Mr Virendra Kumar Patil, Director, Zebu Animation, an animation studio will be set up at the facility and training programmes in the animation sector will be offered by the computer animation studio.

Datsi School for Storytellers intents to open in May 2023, with 2 short upskilling and finalling courses aimed at animation and vfx graduates, and 1 course aimed at industry professionals looking to rung a few steps up their career ladders.

It’s a unique experiment, where the industry partner is cohabitating with the academy, allowing constant interaction with industry professionals both formally and informally.

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