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Texturing and LookDev

Full time (On-campus)


INR 46,550


16 weeks

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About the Course

This beginner's course is designed for aspiring artists who want to transition their artistic skills from paper to the big screen and pursue opportunities in their favorite shows, games, and films. No prior experience in computer graphics is required. The course provides a comprehensive introduction to the world of computer graphics, blending art and technology. Students will learn art fundamentals and gain practical training in the software and tools necessary for Texturing and LookDev. The course covers various approaches to assets, both aesthetically and technically, and teaches students how to create textures and materials for different levels of complexity in inorganic and organic assets. By the end of the course, each artist will have a solid portfolio showcasing their expertise in Texturing and LookDev.

Learning Areas:

  • Introduction to the Computer Graphics Industry

  • Art Fundamentals

  • Software and Tools for Texturing and LookDev

  • Simple Prop Texturing and LookDev

  • Complex Prop Texturing and LookDev

  • Vehicle Texturing and LookDev

  • Character Texturing and LookDev

  • Specific Materials and Basic Lighting

  • Various Workflows and Pipeline

Krishna Babu (Unni)

Course Lead

Krishna Babu (Unni)

Currently working as a CG supervisor at Zebu Animation Studios, Krishna Babu AKA Unni has been working for the past 19 years on different platforms such as games, TV series, DVD movies, ride films, and VFX films. He has worked on VFX titles such as "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Exodus: Gods and Kings". He has also worked on many titles for EA, 2K, Telltale, Nickelodeon, Marvel, Fox, and Warner Bros. He is responsible for managing multiple departments, working closely and ensuring that high-quality output is delivered according to show requirements. He has also been a key recruiter in multiple high profile studios in India.

Krishna has a strong drive to help upcoming artists flourish in the industry and conducts workshops in various institutes and training centers, and his passion for teaching has brought him to Datsi School for Storytellers.



No prior learning or experience in CG required to join this course. Open to all passionate and enthusiastic candidates who want to start their career in the CG industry. Minimum eligibility: 12th Standard.


This course is certified by Zebu Animation Studios.

It is vetted by our industry peers and by our government partner ASAP Kerala.



Get recruited in the top studios in India and around the world:
Texturing and LookDev Artist
UV Artist

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